The Harvest

thresher-02-smThe plan prior to the event:

On July 31, 2016, Harvesting Hope¬†will host 500 volunteers from 100 Canadian communities to harvest a 75 acre field of wheat with vintage threshing machines. To set the new world record, 125 threshing machines from the early 20th century will operate simultaneously and continuously for at least 15 minutes to create the world’s largest pioneer harvest. Powered by steam engines and early gas tractors, the equipment will require over four football fields of space when operating!

To find out what equipment will be participating, please visit our equipment listing webpage.

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The Cause


Harvesting Hope: a World Record to Help the Hungry sought to bring Canadian communities together to improve our world. Using the unique skills and tools of our pioneering ancestors, we wanted to help end global hunger by producing food to feed areas in the world that need it most.

About the Canadian Foodgrains Bankphoto4

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a Winnipeg-based partnership of 15 Canadian churches and church agencies working together to end hunger in the developing world by providing emergency food aid and helping farmers grow more and better food. With matching support from the Canadian government, in 2014- 15 the organization committed $41.6 million to assist 1.1 million people in 39 countries.